Natalie Wilson is a composer, pianist, vocalist and sound editor. Born from a family of creatives, Natalie grew up in a home that greatly encouraged exploration in music and arts. As a girl, she could be found outside in the woods, reading in a corner, at the piano composing, singing around the house, or listening to soundtracks in her room. 

She began formal piano lessons at age nine, formal voice lessons at age fourteen, and has been part of children’s and church choirs since she was six. Natalie attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music for piano performance and completed eight months of study there. She decided not to complete the degree, after finding the pursuit of a professional career in piano performance to be threatening to her joy of music. 

Continuing to nourish her joy in music from teaching or composing, Natalie married her husband Caleb in 2009. Over the following six and a half years, they had five children. They make their home in Indiana countryside where Natalie (along with Caleb) endeavors to continually fill their house with music. 

Shortly after establishing NWComposing in 2019, Natalie began work for the podcast In a Certain Kingdom with Nicholas Kotar, doing both composing work (including scoring and recording) and sound editing for the podcast. Season 1 released in Fall of 2020, Season 2 released in Summer/Fall of 2021, and Season 3 is scheduled to release and continue indefinitely, beginning Spring of 2022. In Fall of 2021, Natalie composed and performed the music for the Ancient Faith Radio audio documentary, Transformation, available now on https://www.ancientfaith.com/podcasts/afdocumentaries. 

She has done additional composing work for Ancient Faith Radio for podcasts such as Wander, All These Things, as well as a podcast episode series special, Naming the Child. 

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